гр. Велико Търново
ПЕГ "Проф. д-р Асен Златаров"



Man is born to serve life in the name of Man


Each year February 16th, the birthday of Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov, the patron of our school, grows into the following occasion to probe deep into the deeds and legacy of this great humanist, democrat and scholar.

"To love Bulgaria, to love it faithfully and never to make profit of this love- that is a genuine and noble feeling that every honest person should be in possession of."

"The ideal always prevails- as long as it is sensible, high and humane."

"No other person has such a great responsibility for their home country and humankind as does the teacher."

     Each encounter with the complex spiritual world of Assen Zlatarov turns into an intimate revelation of knowledge and wisdom.

     And here we go back to the beginning.

     In 1958 the Third co-educational secondary school was opened in Veliko Turnovo and it gradually developed into a Russian Language School. In the school year 1975/76 there began the intensified teaching of English, German and French. Ten years later foreign language school forms with a preparatory class following the syllabus of the specialized schools were established, with native speakers and lecturers from Veliko Turnovo University "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" attracted as teachers.

     The association of the school with UNESCO is a due recognition and a ne
w stimulus for an education in the spirit of international understanding, cooperation and peace. There are maintained solid relations with the French Institute, the British Council and Goethe Institute as well as with the embassies of these countries.

     The inevitable need for contacts breeds more than ever the necessity for language in the literal sense of the word.

     Language as challenge and love becomes the safest visa in the world. Only its detailed knowledge gives the opportunity for a thorough grasp of a given human activity, brings down illusions and imposes the sense of reality. It not only opens the national boundaries but also expands the inner boundaries of a person, without the syndrome of the "misunderstood civilization"- it merely builds individuality measuring itself against the others in Europe and the world.

     The Secondary School for Foreign Languages "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov" gives the opportunity for acquisition of the language and that is why our students enter the thresholds of prestigious universities in Bulgaria, Europe and the USA.

     Each year over 97% of the school leavers are admitted in our higher institutes in the profiles Bulgarian Philology, Western Philologies, Philosophy, Law, Economics, Linguistics, Pedagogy, Archaeology, Architecture and others.

     The school prides itself upon the outstanding performance of the students at regional contests and competitions - a result of the profound teaching and didactic work done on the part of the teachers.

     The initiative and the curiosity of youth combined with the professionalism and the ambitions of the teachers affirms the school as one capable of meeting even the highest requirements of our time.

     The restless Enlightment spirit of our patron become our support in times of difficulty and is inspired into the deeds of teachers and students at the Secondary School for Foreign Languages "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov".

     "Man is born to serve life in the name of Man" - the timeless legacy of Assen Zlatarov resounds in us and around us.


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